Tajur, Best Place For Shopping Cheap Bags in Bogor

City of Bogor - West Java not only known by a variety of natural attractions, but also known as a shopping destination. For example is as a destination of shopping bags. A nice place for choosing cheap bags in Bogor is at Tajur region. Various bags sold in Tajur have good quality and  is not inferior to anywhere else. So, why should shopping bags far as to Bandung or Jakarta?

Tajur best place for shopping cheap bags in Bogor

If you usually go to Bandung for shopping bags, now Bogor could be used as the best alternative for shopping bags. Bogor have one area that is filled with a range of bags and shoes with good quality. In Tajur you can find whatever brand you're looking for, and that is certainly highly qualified. In addition, there are many variations of models of bags that make you want to immediately go shopping.

Tajur, best place for shopping cheap bags in Bogor

Tajur is identical for shopping bags and shoes with affordable price. Perhaps any of you have been coming and shopping bags here, or maybe there are many people who have never been shopping at this place. Actually, the area is already pretty well known. Tajur is also familiar enough to the shopaholic, and many famous artist often go shopping here too.

In Bogor, the name of Tajur  was actually two and be in a different location. The first is Tajur Katulampa, Bogor. This is where many factories making bags and shoes are located. Often called as the Stasiun Tas Tajur.

In Stasiun Tas Tajur, the visitor not only able to see and choose a bag in a glass display case. They can also witness the manufacture of shoes and bags. For shoes, visitors can directly order the desired shape of the shoe according to their size. Interestingly, all of which can be adjusted with the budget they have.

While the second Tajur region located on Tajur street and is often called as the Terminal Tas Tajur. In contrast to that in Katulampa, in Terminal Tas Tajur there are outlet bags only. The Outlet here is quite large and sold more complete collections .

Then, what about the price? Well, the price of item sold here is not as expensive as price those in a shopping center. The price in Terminal Tas Tajur said to be very friendly with your budget.

There are many public transport to the area of Terminal Tas Tajur. Similarly, if you come to Tajur using private vehicles, the parking is lot enough, safe and spacious. Not only that, there are many good places to eat here. So, having a satisfied shopping, visitors can enjoy a variety of Bogor typical culinary.

So, are you interested to shop cheap bags in Bogor ?

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